Italian culture is deeply rooted in ancient civilizations which flourished on the peninsula for over a millennium and left their imprint all over the country in arts, legal system and traditions. Today, Italy ranks among the 8 most industrialized countries in the world. Alongside big companies, state-owned and private, it has developed a sound network of small and medium-sized enterprises, promoted scientific parks, and fostered basic and applied research in a wide variety of fields such as biology, medicine, physics and space science. The 20 Nobel Prize laureates since 1906 prove the world recognition of the achievements of Italian scientists, physicians, chemists, literature men and economists who excelled in different spheres, including medicine, chemistry, literature and economics. Tuition Fees are usually very low as most Universities obtain public financial support. All international students are entitled to the same student assistance services as Italian students, including scholarships, dining hall services and housing. The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also offers scholarships for foreign students wishing to pursue their studies in Italy.

Name of the Universities in Italy:

1.University of Bologna

2.University of Siena

3.Sapienza University of Rome

4.University of Padova

5.University of Pisa

6.University of Torino

7.University of Genova

8.University of Florence

9.University of Milan

10.University of Calabria

11.University of Milano-Bicocca

12.Polytechnic University of Milan

13.University of Rome Torvergata

14. University of Catania

15. University of Piemonte Orientle

16. University of Camerino

17. University of Pavia


-Academics: 65% or above

-IELTS: 6.5 bands or above